Crossprint is committed to investing in new technology and machinery with minimal

impact on the environment.

Our plate making system does not require chemistry; our inks are vegetable based; and our press uses non-alcoholic fount solutions.


We also are now generating 90% of our own power needs, through the installation of solar

panels. We really are ‘printing from the sun’.

This gives us an Energy Performance Certification

rating of ‘A’, making us one of the most energy efficient companies in the UK and we can boast

to a client that their brochure was printed without the use of electricity!


Apart from offering recycled paper we only use paper from a sustainable source. For every tree used in the paper making process at least three trees are planted in their place.


Protecting the environment has been a core ethos for the vision of this company. We have a commitment to communicating the benefits of adopting carbon balanced papers, which, in addition to our recent UK Print award for the ‘Best Use of Recycled Paper’, endorses

our commitment.





Carbon Balancing

Using Crossprint is the simplest way to reduce the carbon footprint caused by printed materials for companies and organisations focused on reducing their environmental impact and limiting their effects on climate change.


Crossprint use papers recognised and appointed by The World Land Trust.

Innovation in Carbon Reductions

available for your business...

A simple way to reduce the carbon impacts of your marketing material with


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